Blue Buckets — Russia’s privileged drivers

When Russia’s old-new president promised to limit the number of cars which would be allowed to have the so-called “blue buckets” (blue lights with special traffic privileges), he apparently didn’t figure on that order being ignored. Russian citizens are so fed up with the special privileges of certain drivers, and often the fatal accidents they cause without fear of consequences, that they’re begun to publish photos and videos of high ranking offenders.

Some citizens say that families of officials drive cars with special privileges reserved only for important government ministers. Look at this car’s occupants and you’ll instantly recognize that they are important government officials:

Here is another from this winter:

These are NOT police or emergency vehicles, just government workers who want to get home before everybody else without having to fight the same traffic battles as ordinary citizens. Well, in this case the wife of a government official being driven somewhere. The “official” car bumps the side of a citizen’s car and then stops in traffic after passing, just to make a point:

Deaths do happen. 3 June 2011: A pedestrian had the right of way, but the family member of a government official, car license number A438MR97, decided that his right to drive speed thru a pedestrian crossing was more important than a civilians right to walk.

This illegally parked car belongs to Yuri Ivanovich Kalinin – representative in the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region. The Federation Council is Russia’s upper chamber of parliament. Was Minister Kalinin taking care of business or was, as some eyewitnesses say, his wife out shopping?

Unfortunately as the country’s rulers have decided to ignore citizen concerns and the rule of law, Russians are more and more beginning to take traffic matters into their own hands. That is dangerous for everyone as seen in the next video.