Happy birthday to singer Luina from Kazakhstan

(A personal message from Mendeleyev)

Have you, dear reader, ever settled semi-comfortably into an airplane seat and dozed off during the take-off and upon waking you experience that nagging feeling that perhaps you’d forgotten something? Maybe something important at that.

This was how I felt today and only by checking email during the flight did I realize that we’d missed sending you a notice that we couldn’t make it down on the train for the birthday party of Kazakh pop singer Luina.

Kazakhstan singer Luina

To Olga Nastyukova, group coordinator of the union of Kazakhstan journalists of which I’m proud to be a member, I apologize for not letting you know of the change in travel plans. Heading down from Moscow to Almaty (in Kazakhstan) is always a thrill and I’ve never been to the Queens Bar so that would have been a fun party spot I’m certain.

Never fear however, Luina, I’m a fan and will introduce your music to our vast Mendeleyev Journal readship.

I hope your day was as special as you are!