150 Moscow protesters arrested Sunday

At least the protesters were resourceful. Anywhere there is a My-My (Moo Moo) restaurant is a good place to be. What wonderful food at reasonable prices, so hats off to the protest leaders–you get extra points for choice of location this time. The Mendeleyev family has eaten at this “My-My” many times and it remains a favourite.

Familiar logo of “My-My” (Moo Moo) restaurant on Arbat street at the Pushkin statue.

Citizens were asked to wear white on Sunday and walk the streets of central Moscow. Many ended up at the small protest camp at Pushkin Plaza on Arbat.

Russia has banned protesters from using normal style megaphones in marches and rallies so protesters have adapted to smaller units as worn by Ilya Ponomarev, fresh out of jail from his arrest on 06 May.

Meanwhile at City Hall, the Moscow Times reported that Police detained some 40 people outside the Mayor’s Office, where gay rights activists gathered to protest anti-gay legislation pending passage in Moscow but already passed in several Russian cities.

For the most part arrests were conducted in a less brutal fashion that recent displays of brute power by Moscow police and Russian Interior Ministry troops.