President Putin honours large Russian families

It began under President Dmitry Medvedev in 2008 as a way to stem the decline of Russian population demographics. Termed, Орден родительской славы (Order of Parental Glory), the award recognizes Russian families of more than 7 children. On Saturday, families come from eight Russia regions to be recognized at an awards ceremony held in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and planned to mark International Children’s Day.

Order of Parental Glory, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order to Margarita and Alexander Bagin, parents of 10 children, Gulnara and Anatoly Bely, who are raising 8 children, Irina and Vladimir Budnits, parents of 9 children, and Marem and Alekhan Izmailov, who have 7 children, Tatyana and Gennady Morokov raising 12 children, Antonina and Ivan Ryabov, who have 13 children, Nina and Alexander Savelyev, who are bringing up 12 children, and Marina and Sergei Khodyrev, who have 12 children.

Order of Parental Glory 2012

The president told the audience, “Large families must once again become a valued asset and families with two or three children the preferred norm. We need to do everything to ensure that having a baby does not put families into a difficult or vulnerable situation, or even plunge them into poverty.”

Order of Parental Glory 2012

The families came from eight Russian regions: Volgograd, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod and Sverdlovsk regions, Trans-Baikal and Khabarovsk territories and republics of Ingushetia and Komi.