New charges against young Moscow protester

Call it the “Khordorkovsky Syndrome” if you will. Someone is charged with a crime and then the government keeps adding more charges. Not because the person charged is guilty, but because the government wants to make a point…as understood the world over in the Mikhail Khordorkovsky case.

Aleksandra Aykhanina being drug by an OMOH government riot trooper on 6 May. (Photo: Kirill Lebedev)

Police states do interesting things to their unfortunate subjects as an 18 year old resident of Moscow is discovering. Alexandra Dukhanina participated in the protest of 6 May which turned violent when government police went on a rampage against citizens.

Aleksandra Aykhanina during arrest on 6 May. (Photo: Kirill Lebedev)

Investigators found that she participated in the rally which turned violent but also found that she was not part of the planning and orchestration of the event. As is often the case however in what is looking more like a dictatorial-styled system, the court has issued new charges against Ms. Dukhanina, now alleging that she threw a piece of asphalt at officers and that her participation incited a riot. The expanded charges could mean a sentence of eight years in prison.

Aleksandra Aykhanina in court. (Photo: Kirill Lebedev)