Belarus clamps down on Sannikov lawyer

Attorney Marina Kovalevskaya

The attorney who represented opposition presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov has been banned from leaving Belarus. Today Marina Kovalevskaya was denied permission to travel internationally to Vilnius and her passport was seized and stamped “denied exit from the country” before it was returned to her.

Her client Andrei Sannikov was a 2010 presidential candidate with the second highest percentage of the popular votes after incumbent dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko. Sannikov was incarcerated in the KGB prison in Minsk for peacefully protesting at a demonstration after the elections.

Mr. Sannikov’s health was in serious danger and he was pardoned in April of this year after pressure was put on the dictator of Belarus. Sannikov was a former Ambassador to Switzerland and a former Deputy Foreign Minister for Belarus.

Ms. Kovalevskaya and her family were traveling when her passport was seized.