The faces of Russia, part 1

Introducing the Mendeleyev Journal feature “The Faces of Russia.” Written and edited by the publisher and staff, we’ll explore the people and cultures making up the populace of the Russian Federation.

Spread over 49% of Europe and 51% of Asia, Russia is the largest country in the world and covers over 1/6th of the earth’s surface. As you can imagine there are diverse people & ethnic groups, cultures, religions and languages given such a large area. Over 100 distinct languages are actively spoken in Russia today; 28 are given official status but Russian is the primary language for legal, commerce and educational purposes in every corner of the country.

Some of the faces of Russia.

99% of Russian citizens are considered to be literate, one of the highest in the world. Russia is home to the longest running railway route in the world, the Trans Siberian, totaling 9,298 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok. The route continues on into China.

The Russian name for grandmother is Babushka.