What makes Russia so interesting?

Krasnodar (Краснодар) is a city in southern Russia on the Kuban River and approximately 90 some miles north of the Black Sea. Founded in 1794 the town was first named as Yekaterinodar (Екатеринодаp) meaning “Catherine’s Gift” for the Russian Empress. When the Soviets came to power they changed the name to Krasnodar, giving it a revised meaning, “Red Gift,” as if somehow the city was now a gift from the Reds.

Name issues aside, Krasnodar is perhaps on to something. Imagine if you could walk up to a large public fountain and using your cell phone, control the fountain. For a charge on your phone bill of course. You’d be able to control not only the fountain for a minute, but at night you’d have control of the back-lighting too! Disney executives, are you listening?

Control this Krasnodar city fountain with your cell phone!

In Krasnodar a large and popular public fountain has been engineered to allow anyone with a cell phone to control the fountain for one minute. You’re paying for it so go ahead! Simple, just dial the fountain number which is 8-929-849-66-31. After dialing, press the numbers from zero to six. Each of them corresponds to one colour/jet spray option for the back lighting.

Apparently this feature became available on 15 June and so far city officials seem happy about the arrangement. Charging money for controlling public fountain jets and lights–now that is capitalism! What a gift to starving city budgets!  They should change the name of the city to “Fountain Gift” or “Cell phone Gift.”

Lenin and Marx must be spinning out of control in their graves. Hmm, wonder how much people would pay to control something like THAT?!