Krasnodar region now in the process of drying out, sorting out

Krasnodar, Russia and the surrounding region is finally getting a chance to dry out. Next will come the sorting out of what happened so suddenly in the middle of the night as walls of water came crashing down the mountains, killing 153 residents, most from the small city of Krymsk.

President Putin arrived in the area for an inspection as emergency workers from the Emergency Situations Ministry converted a youth center into a shelter providing food, dry clothing and information about missing relatives to residents still shocked by the weekend flooding. Right away President Putin ordered authorities to monitor the Neberdzhayevskoye reservoir which is suspected to be the source of what some have described as a “tsunami” caused by dam engineers releasing water too quickly as volumes of rain swept over the area.

Social media is playing a big part of the coverage as authorities at first denied that the reservoir had been opened. However photos of cars and even large trucks being carried along by giant waves forced authorities to open an investigation. Even so, the leader of the political opposition party, Yabloko, suggested that authorities were even downplaying the number of victims.

At first investigators denied that the reservoir could have caused the flooding, saying no large water surges had been detected but local residents had information and mobile phone photos prompting investigators to change their story. Alexander Bastrykin, Russia’s top Investigator arrived after President Putin and immediately opened a criminal case for negligence leading to the deaths.

Volunteers in Moscow have set up temporary kiosks near Moscow Metro stations to gather humanitarian aid to send to victims of the floods.