Russian flood victims question “why”

бог, ты где?

God, where are you?

бог, ты где? (God, where are you?) That is one hell of a question after a weekend in which 153 innocent individuals were washed away after authorities opened dam gates too wide to let off excess water during prolonged rainstorms in southern Russia. In the middle of the night, while residents slept, a seven foot wall of water came out of nowhere with no warning.

Except cry in frustration over authorities denials despite residents with cell phone photos of cars and trucks being carried by waves, we’ve got nothing else to do except use that expression for a lesson in Cyrillic Russian: бог, B-o-g is God. ты is really two letters, T-ee meaning ‘you’ and где, G-d-ye, is ‘where.’ The word order of “God, you where?” of course is understood in English as “God, where are you?”