A taste of Russia with Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel

Have you every been to Russia?

You’ve no doubt heard about the many time zones: 11 until last year when 2 were eliminated and 9 remain. Russia covers 1/6 of the earth’s land mass. All of northern Asia is inside Russia and in fact, Russia covers 51% of Asia. Factor in the 49% of Europe and you’ve got one large country! Did we mention that Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world, holding more fresh water than ALL the North American Great Lakes combined.

You’ve heard about the vodka drinking, yet probably didn’t know that vodka is NOT the most consumed beverage in Russia. Did you know that out of Europe’s 3 largest cities, Russia has two of them, including Moscow the largest city in Europe? (St Petersburg is #3 behind London.) Over 100 languages are spoken in Russia daily, yet the Russian language is so consistent across those time zones that typical “accents” and dialects as in other countries for the most part barely exist.

So if you want to get to know a society, to taste its culture, well you have to taste and experience it. So lets get started!

We here at the Mendeleyev Journal enjoy many of Andrew Zimmern’s adventures so invite you to search the travel channel archives, or a video service like YouTube, to find his programs on Russian foods. Meanwhile, would you like to know more about Russian cuisine? Here are some helpful pages!

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