President Putin in London

There are two key differences in coverage of current President Vladimir Putin versus former president and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: The first is height. Mr. Putin is taller which usually makes photography less challenging. Former President Medvedev was conscious about his height and officials photos had to be framed and shot in a way that accommodated his 160-162 cm when he was shown next to another person.

The second key difference is that while Medvedev, a photographer himself, is patient and allows multiple photos of an event, Mr. Putin isn’t quite as “photo friendly” and a handful of photos, if even that, is all an accredited journalist will have time to shoot.

In regards to the height issue, President Putin may be taller than Mr. Medvedev but is no match for United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron who is 184 cm, just over 6 feet tall. Mr. Putin is 170 cm, 5 foot & 7 inches. Just wait until the next meeting with Canada because Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is even taller at 188 cm.

British PM David Cameron, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin at #11 Downing Street in London.

After meeting at number 11 Downing Street the two made their way in separate motorcades to the Olympics where they set together to watch the Judo competitions. Russian Olympian Tagir Khaibulaev from Russia’s Dagestan region won the gold as Mr. Putin cheered from the stands and then went down to greet and congratulate Khaibulaev after the win. Dagestan is part of the North Caucasus region made up primarily of Muslim republics within the Russian Federation. Russian and Iranian are the main languages.