Russian language crossword puzzle quiz

Okay, here is a crossword puzzle using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. For the first 2 readers who can find these short and easy words, we’ll mail you a nice Russian prize of some sort, likely Russian cookies or candy via our West Coast USA office.

Find these words:

лет (years) “lyet”

бог (God) “bog”

интернет (Internet, so easy, i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t spelled and sounds the same!)

работа (work) “rah-bow-tah”

ночь (night) “noch”

суп (soup) “Sueph”

царь (Tsar, King, Caesar) “Tsigh” Think of “sigh” with a T in front, not like the common mis-transliterization of Czar. “Tsigh”

холод (cold) “kho-laud”

боль (pain) “bowl”

крест (a Cross) “Krest”

да (yes) “dah”

секс (sex) “seks”

There are others but we wanted to keep the words easy as not to overwhelm new learners.


– You CANNOT be a native Russian or Ukrainian speaker, neither have lived or currently live in the FSU.

2- You must circle the words you found and email a copy of the completed puzzle to:

The decision of judges (editor and staff) is final.


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