What is a little war between neighbors? Kill off those you don’t like and then invite the other guy for a BBQ. That is how it feels in the southern Caucasus region known as Abkhazia. Most of the worlds says it still belongs to Georgia, but Russia and Venezuela think it is a legit independent country now.

Russia as you remember invaded Georgia over this territory and another known as South Ossetia in 2008.

Abkhazia cathedral.

The country of Georgia still considers Abkhazia to be a “Russian-occupied territory.” This is a very poor, but very beautiful small country or region along the coast of the Black Sea.

Like Greece, Abkhazia is very mountainous and the mountains literally slope down into the sea. Breathtaking beauty! This is a main Orthodox Christian cathedral in Abkhazia. Try saying that name 3 times really fast!

Now there is a controversy over whether it was then-President Medvedev or then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who gave the order to being the fighting in 2008. A video of Russian military officers claim that Putin called Medvedev and told him to authorize the fighting.