Another Russian wedding tradition: padlocks

Wedding padlocks: one of the most meaningful traditions of a couple to observe after their wedding at the State Registry Office (ZAGS). Once a couple has completed the civil wedding ceremony it is customary to visit several important sites in their city where the couple and their wedding party pose for photos and make toasts. One of the first stops is a war memorial where some of the flowers they received as a wedding gift are laid in honour of war heroes and/or a tomb dedicated to unknown soldiers from the Great Patriotic war again Nazi Germany.

Aлександра и Aлександр is “Aleksandra and Aleksandr” and they’ll both share the nickname “Sasha” (Cаша) so guess you could call them “Sasha & Sasha.”

The couple then visits a park or famous river bridge where doves or butterflies are released and the couple attaches a padlock, with their names engraved, onto the railing of the bridge or some metal structure. It is common at some bridges to see hundreds of rusty padlocks from over the years.

Аня и Саша: Anya (Anna) and Sasha (Aleksandr) locked in love forever.

The key is thrown into the river to signify the lasting state of their love and marriage.


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