Mid East Christians grateful for Russia’s UN veto on Syria

Middle Eastern Christians are grateful to Russia for vetoing the USA-led resolution In the United Nations for tougher measures against Syria. From Bosnia and Serbia to Iraq and Egypt, UN efforts to topple governments have led to displacement, torture and murder of minority Christian populations as is happening now in Egypt. More and more one can see cartoons and posters like the one below.

Below: the funeral of Syrian Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi in the Church of the Holy Cross in Damascus July 20, 2012. He was part of the minority Christian culture in Syria, predominately a Muslim nation. .

The Syrian Church still uses the oldest surviving liturgy in Christianity, composed by the Apostle James late in his life. It is conducted in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic spoken by Jesus Christ and his Apostles, as its official and liturgical language. The church is led by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch.


One thought on “Mid East Christians grateful for Russia’s UN veto on Syria

  1. Yes as a ‘christian”, I am glad to see the devil worshipers of Islam kill their own women and children. Really? What a great christian attitude.
    Speaks volumes about human nature, and how far from Jesus the world has gone.


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