Internet advances in Russia

In the “good ole days” of Moscow Internet, Mrs. Mendeleyev and I would walk our small dog around the neighborhood several times a day. We still do, but it was so much fun back then as Internet was new and so thrilling for us and the dog.

Yes, Internet was exciting for the dog too. You see, he’d stop at every tree and sniff for the scent of other dogs. To us, it was a sure sign that he was reading doggie emails so we’d chuckle and ask if he was keeping in social contact with his friends? He’d bark, and of course that means “yes” and I know that because he is my doggie son and we understand each other.

At some point during our walks he’d raise a hind leg and show us how fast he could “stream” which as you can imagine made us very happy. Doggy Internet “streaming” had come to Russia! We were such proud parents.

In those days we’d meander back to our high rise apartment because there was no real hurry since the FREE internet provided by the city of Moscow didn’t start until midnight. We had dial up for day emergencies and my office had what was considered high speed at the time, but frankly there were days when the doggie “stream” was faster than the Internet streams at work. We’d enjoy a nice dinner and relax with tea and read, you do remember how people used to read before Internet came along, right?

When the clock struck midnight we, and thousands of other Muscovite’s would crowd around our tall desktop, similar to my childhood days with those big over-sized radios found in most homes, and we’d “log on.” For those of you who grew up after the advent of today’s high speed, in the olden days one had to start up the computer and log onto the internet. If only a few thousand in our part of town was on, you could stay logged in, but if things got congested the system would bump you off after a while, forcing you to either give up and go to bed or log on all over again. But after midnight it was free, so who cared?!

Today we’re happy to announce that the Internet has and continues to spread nicely across Russia and neighboring countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia, etc. Shoot, even old grandma’s, we call them babushki here, are getting online!

The Russian answer to Facebook is

Not to be left behind in the wave to technology advancements such as the popular doggie “streams” even cats are enjoying the benefits of a high speed Internet connection.

Russian cats use Meow recognition software.

Oh, and yes the doggie steams are still a part of life. Technology keeps us moving forward.

Belarus: 4,436,800 Internet users as of Jun/10, 46.3% penetration

Moldova: 1,429,154 Internet users as of Dec/11, 33.1% penetration

Russia: 61,472,011 Internet users as of Dec/2011, 44.3% penetration

Turkey: 35,000,000 Internet users as of Jun/10, 44.4% penetration

Ukraine: 15,300,000 Internet users as of Jun/10, 33.9% penetration