More McDonald’s knockoffs

It is becoming almost like a game to spot the number and variety of McDonald’s knockoffs in Russia and Ukraine. This little place is one of several businesses located on the first floor of an apartment building, a common arrangement in this part of the world.

McDonald’s knockoff, “Your Gamburgers.”

McDonald’s in the Cyrillic alphabet is spelled as Макдональдс but this knockoff uses the trademark M upside down, resembling the Cyrillic letter ш (sounded as “sh”) to form the Russian word for “your” which is spelled Baш and sounds like “vash.”  There is no “h” sound in the Cyrillic so often “g” is substituted which means that hamburger is pronounced as gamburger (accented as “gham-burger”) or going the theatre to enjoy Hamlet means you’re going to the theatre for Gamlet. You get the idea.

Ваш гамбургер“or “Your Ghamburger” is the name of this knockoff. It must be good as the sign also advertises Вкусное качество (tasty/delicious quality).  We haven’t even stepped inside but already “I’m loving it.”

So, if you’re ever in Moscow and want to see it for yourself, the town is Kovrov (Ковров) a few hours away in the Vladimir region near the start of Moscow’s famous “Golden Ring.”