All-Russia day of protest, Saturday, 15 September

When it comes to this Saturday’s call for a protest march in Moscow and other cities, we have no idea how many souls will brave the draconian new laws expressly designed to intimidate and limit political protests, but if one thing is certain it is this: the staff at the Mendeleyev Journal loves gadgets. We found this one on the blog site of opposition figure Aleksei Navalny.

In fact the male members of the editorial staff seem to have found it so intriguing that they’ve pretty much just sat there all day watching that little dial, heads jerking left to right in synch with the needle.

It is a sight to behold–the staff that is. But perhaps that is what makes the little tool so effective because they may not have paid attention to much else for the last 8 hours, but can tell you that Всероссийский день протеста (All-Russian Day of Protest) is set for this Saturday (15 сентябрь) 15 September.

In that sense, the little gadget is truly quite effective.