Learn Russian

Word for the Day:
уже = already.  “oo-ZHEh”

We have several pages on learning Russian, from a word for the day to learning the alphabet and more. So let’s get started! Here are some Mendeleyev Journal resources to learn Russian:

– Words and Phrases can be found here.

– We make it easy to learn the Russian Cyrillic alphabet on this page.

– The list of resources to learn Russian can be overwhelming, but we make it simple at this page.

– The numbers are important if you travel to a Russian speaking country and we make numbers easy here.

– Reading signs is great practice when learning Russian. We have your signs here.

– A beginner’s look at Russian grammar can be found here.

– What is in a name? Check out our award-winning work on Russian names here.

– Russian is a very musical language and a great way to learn correct pronunciation is by listening and learning with Russian music.