Armenian cucumbers don’t wither under bright lights

Recently an authentic Armenian cucumber appeared in the Mendeleyev Journal food pages test kitchen. Imagine!

For our Calvinistic friends, yes there is such a cucumber! Okay, maybe Armenian and Arminian are two different subjects but we digress. Being that it was your faithful editor’s first experience with a cucumber native to the country of Armenia, but grown all over Asia (and California), we thought perhaps it worth an interview, so the cucumber was kidnapped and quietly spirited out of the kitchen and into our sound studio.

Armenian cucumber in the Mendeleyev Journal sound studios.

Perhaps this lowly cucumber had the answer to world peace or inner tranquility? Maybe it would impart significant theological insights to quell the disunity among churches of various denominations who still don’t understand the truth of Catholicity in that debate?

Alas, the cuke made not a sound! Hey, who were we to know that the Armenian cucumber is more related to the muskmelon family albeit tasting and looking much like a traditional cucumber? Every muskmelon we’ve tried to interview has been just as reticent so eventually the interview project was abandoned and we gave way to a slicing knife and slaughtered the poor fruit. It is worth noting that apparently Armenian cucumbers don’t wither under bright lights.

Even after intense peeling under bright lights, the cucumber remained speechless.

It was peeled though later we learned that peeling wasn’t necessary. The staff of the Mendeleyev Journal feels that perhaps we’re the first team of journalists in modern history to attempt an interview with a cucumber under bright lights and with a kitchen vegetable slicing knife.

Lavrentiy Beria would have been so proud.

вкусный “koos-niy” = tasty/delicious.

It was not just any run of the mill pickle either but a genuine Armenian cucumber! Oh, it was tasty by the way. With sliced tomatoes and a dash of salt, that plate rocked! вкусный!

(PS…to see this fruit up close click on the photos.)