First Snow for Moscow (Первый снег)

The first snow, Первый снег in Russian, of 2012 came much earlier in the far north cities near the Arctic Circle, but last night was the first snow in Moscow. It didn’t seem to impact traffic as it was mostly light flurries but we’ll see if it becomes heavier today.

Calling it “October’s wet promise of the six months of gloom,” The Guardian (London) reporter Miriam Elder wrote, “Winter is, of course, Moscow’s natural state. The slightest hint of frost brings Russians fumbling for their furs, checking skating rink schedules, ensuring soup ingredients are in full stock.”

First snow 2012 oct 23 (foto: marsianins.livejournal)

Last year the first snow was 15 October, and in 2010 it arrived on 20 October. We can only echo Ms. Elder’s observation that, “Navigating Moscow’s traffic-crazed streets is a stressful experience at the best of times – in winter, it’s downright exhausting.”

First snow. (foto: wunderground/Jemenai)

If you are packing for Moscow do not forget a warm full length coat, a scarf, pair of gloves and a hat to keep your head warm.