New Putin presidential limo made (partially) in America

The car known as ZIL has been the signature car in Russia for decades and the company that makes the high end vehicle hopes that a new limo for President Putin will resurrect the car’s sagging sales for a vehicle seen as important to past generations but lacking the sleekness desired by younger buyers.  The president gets an updated car with loads of new innovations yet one that retains the historic style of a classic ZIL.

The shell of  Mr. Putin’s new limo was manufactured in Russia by AMO ZIL, the same company that has built Russian presidential limos since the rule of Leonid Brezhnev. The engine and transmission were made in America while the car’s design and special modifications for presidential use were designed and built in Russia.

(foto: Екатерина Рзянина;

The limousine is a ZIL-4112P, the P stands for president, a model the company hopes to continue building for security conscious business executives. The new ZIL executive limo line features technological upgrades in ergonomic design, suspension, cooling system and power supply complete with a standby generator if needed. The new engine, built by American manufacturer Allison, has been upgraded to a fuel injection system with improved fuel economy and acceleration to 200 km/h. Improvements to fuel economy are also significant, now at 25 liters per 100 kilometers from a 7.7 liter engine with 400 horse power and a five speed automatic transmission also made in America.

Mr. Putin’s new limousine has six doors and a wealth of safety and anti-terror innovations. Tires for the car’s 16 inch wheels are specially made at a factory near Moscow and with full armour the vehicle weighs over 3.5 tons yet boasting increased acceleration and speed.

Currently President Putin rides in a German made Mercedes-Benz S-Guard Pullman.