Russian coverage of Hurricane Sandy

For our American readers there continues to be worldwide coverage of Hurricane Sandy and today we highlight some aspects of the coverage from Russian media. We’ll begin with a short language glossary:

Ураган Сэнди is Hurricane Sandy and spoken as “Ora-gahn Cendi.”

Супер шторм is Super Storm and when sounded is done with a Russian accent so that is sounds as “Su-pyer Storm” or “Su-pyer Stor-ma” depending on use.

США is the Russian abbreviation for USA and sounds like “Sh-Shah.”

Россия is the word for Russia and sounds like “Rah-sea-ya.”

Американский is the term for American (when gender neutral) and sounds as “Ameri-kahn-ski.”

миллион is million; “mil-e-ohn.”

долларов is the world for dollars; “doll-arovhf.”

Report from Russian government TV “Channel One:”

Report from Russian TV channel “Russia 24:”

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