Vendi’s (Wendy’s) to the rescue!

How to order at Wendy’s when it is cold outside.

Привет. I’d like to start with some hot Чай (chai = tea) immediately! Ok, that is nice. Thank you. May I have the печеный картофель (baked potato) at the top left. It has беконом с сыр соусе (bacon with cheese sauce) and sure, you talked me into a Твист (potato twist). It is cold outside and a good tvist (there is no W in Russian) is good for…..well, its got to be good for something good I’m sure.

Wendy’s on Old Arbat, Moscow.

Okay, next let’s have some hot Чили (chili) and I’d like the классик трипл (Classic triple) except put only one burger patty on the burger but please serve the other two on the side. Why two on the side? If my wife asks then I can say that I ordered only ONE patty on my burger instead of three!