Moscow Metro rush hour developments

Rush hour: of the thrills for most Western visitors to Moscow is riding the underground Metro. Mostly underground with a few exceptions and the system that carries an average of 9 million riders every day.

How does it do that? Efficiently. Trains run every 90 seconds in peak hours which by the way in Russian is час пик. What is час пик? час is ch-a-s and that means “hour” or can be an expression of “time.” пик is p-i-k and that means “peak” so час пик is peak hour/rush hour.

Native Muscovites however are not so happy with a new map recently released. As reported in The Moscow News, “Moscow metro officials are looking for volunteers to create a replacement for a recently redesigned – and widely disliked – city metro transport map, said Pavel Sukharnikov, the metro’s spokesman, on Thursday.”

“The current renewed design has been criticised for displaying the wrong dimensions and leaving out the Moscow River from the scheme, among other failures. Metro officials say they will respond to passengers’ suggestions this time around.”

(By permission: City of Moscow;

Meanwhile Metro officials say that a Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine (TBM) is almost assembled so that engineers can begin tunneling between the Lermontovsky Prospekt and Vykhino subway stations in Moscow.