If you are old, you need to die.

If you are old, you need to die. If a baby is born with disabilities, it needs to die. That is the message behind a new United Nations advertising campaign titled “Agenda 21.”

Now if you research the Agenda 21 materials you have to dig very deep to uncover the real agenda behind all the prose about the environment, aid to undeveloped countries, etc. But Agenda 21 is deadly if you are over 60, disabled, or live in a wealthy Western nation. Amazingly, some within the US administration have either signed off on or openly promote this agenda.

We do not and are not advocating violence of any sort but since it is they who brought up the subject first, perhaps it is the idiots who come up with this sort of stupidity that are the ones who should volunteer to die first.  We’re guessing that when they were concocting such theories about you and us, they weren’t really thinking about themselves.


2 thoughts on “If you are old, you need to die.

  1. Mr. M glad to see you are still writing, a bit since the site was updated.
    Must admit I was a bit worried. But hoping it was just a holiday for you with your loved ones.

    As normal the educated idiots in the UN, do their best to out think them selves.
    What really concerns me is the folks that have signed off on this, and “Obama care” as the tool to accomplish these folks wet dream, with out any fore thought as to when they get “old”. (Wonder how many will have the guts to walk into the euthanasia center smiling, knowing they are sealed in Christ? OOps forgot they do not believe in GOD).


    1. mendeleyev

      Thanks George. Yes, you are so right. I was repulsed that they considered the disabled to be a waste of energy and effort.


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