Moscow to introduce all-in-one transport pass by April

Moscow’s Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development will soon offer a daily multipurpose transport pass according to director Maxim Liksutov. By April 2013 Liksutov says “The travel card will be a one-day multiple ticket covering all types of public transport.”  The pass will sell for 200 rubles which is about $6 US and will be valid on buses, electric trams, and the underground Metro subway system.

The Russian Federal Agency for Tourism reports that 21.2 million foreigners visited Russia in the first nine months of 2012, an increase of 13 percent from the previous year. Moscow Committee on Tourism director Sergei Shpilko noted that Russia’s capital welcomed 2.5 million foreign visitors between January and June, an increase of over 18 percent so far from the same period in 2011. According to the Voice of Russia radio, more than 4 million foreign tourists visit Moscow every year.

photo: The Mendeleyev Journal

Officials believe that tourists find the transportation overwhelming and even confusing and are willing to try a one size fits all transport pass to make Moscow a more visitor friendly city. Moscow has increased efforts to make the city more user-friendly to visitors including the introduction of major street signs in Russian and English.  This month the city also began operating a full service English language radio station and officials say the station will include features of interest to tourists in Moscow.

Also in 2013 the Moscow city Committee on Tourism will begin erecting information centres for tourists in key historical areas of the city, including airports and railway stations. Staffed with English-speaking personnel, the information centre staffs will hand out city maps and guidebooks as well as give directions for getting to attractions in the city.

photo: The Mendeleyev Journal

Saint Petersburg has already introduced a tourist card which includes not only public transportation but also gives access to 25 museums. The Saint Petersburg tourist card also offers discounts to participating hotels, cinemas and restaurants.