Moscow’s longest winter traffic jam

First off we’ll try to keep Mendeleyev Journal readers appraised of traffic and weather conditions for the holidays. That is not something we normally do but might be a good idea after this week’s longest traffic jam or close to it, both in time and distance, in a major city. The 123 mile long traffic tangle caused Moscow police and fire crews to set up food and hot tea stations with portable toilets. It took almost 3 days to clear the mess started when a chain of tractor trailer trucks got stuck in deep snow on the M-10 motorway north of Moscow leading to St Petersburg and resulting with a traffic nightmare on Moscow’s busiest freeway, the “Ring Road” (loop around the city).

This week Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that the Moscow Ring Road, or MKAD, is to be closed to heavy trucks in the morning and daytime hours.

The video below was filmed around 4am earlier this week.

One of the best says to stay on top of Russian weather and traffic conditions is to monitor local radio.

MJ Radio
Follow this link to Moscow radio stations.


One thought on “Moscow’s longest winter traffic jam

  1. First off, I enjoy the reporting. What I find interesting is that here are stories that detail the government addressing the problems of transportation and yet cities of comparable prestige like Los Angeles, Seattle, Tucson, etc are MIA on traffic solutions. Whether Muscovite solutions work or not, they are trying to do something. LA’s solution is coal free city and 4 hour traffic jams. Keep up the good work.


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