Russians fear bureaucrats, even in the forest!

At the risk of being viewed somewhat like a supermarket tabloid, the Mendeleyev Journal headline for today screams “Russians fear bureaucrats, even in the forest!

It turns out that the Russian people are just like everyone else around the world, fearing bureaucrats just about as much as anything else, often even more so. So when a poll surfaced showing what Russians believe to be the most dangerous creature in the woods at night,” bureaucrats ranked second.


лось = elk
медведь = bear
волк = wolf
лесничий = forest ranger/game warden
леший = mythical forest dwelling spirit/spirit monster

The number one most feared forest dweller turned out to be the комар (mosquito) and if you’ve ever encountered a Russian mosquito, the likes of which some swear would leave a Texas mosquito quivering in it’s wake, you’d understand that fear.

We’re surprised that the lowly (pun intended) змея, the Russian word for snake, didn’t even register with the poll. Perhaps respondents were confused and equated bureaucrats for snakes. That would make sense.

On the other hand, we’re equally surprised that the bureaucrats didn’t top the list and force the mosquitoes into second place.

Recount anyone?