Russian New Year Shrimp salad is fast-friendly

Here is a fasting-friendly shrimp salad for your New Year table:

Shrimp salad

Salad name: “Мореман”

Prawns – 500 gr
crab meat – 100 g
two eggs (optional during fasting period)
cucumber – 1
red onion – 1 large.
cheese – 50 g (optional during fasting period)
mayonnaise – 2 tbsp (cheese can be used during non-fasting times)
half a lemon
soy sauce – 2 tsp.

1. Shrimp Boil, peel, cut in half.
2. Finely chop crab meat, cucumber, onion, eggs, dill.
3. For the filling mix the mayo, soy sauce, squeeze the lemon juice, mix with dill.
4. Mix all ingredients, season to taste.
5. Wash lettuce, dry, break into salad pieces.
6. Sprinkle with finely grated cheese (optional in fast) and lay a few shrimp across the top for decoration. During fasting periods in our home we sprinkle chopped green onions instead of cheese.