с Новым Годом 2013! Happy New Year 2013!

Самое лучшее поздравление с Новым Годом 2013!

As you can see below, earlier on New Year’s day someone caught photos of Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter the Snow Maiden out delivering candy and small gifts to children.

Grandfather Frost is pulled by his “Troika” of 3 special horses.

There is a tradition that on the morning of the New Year the family goes out to the main city square to walk and greet others. It is a lovely tradition whether on Red Square in Moscow, Independence Square in Kyiv or wherever one lives, even in the villages.


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  1. I have a whole collection of USSR vintage cards, including New Year postcards, I prefer their distinctive style and joyful atmosphere. Must admit, you chose awesome cards to post, not so common nowadays.


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