Russian music

Russia has historically brimmed with talent in the arts, writing, poetry, painting and music. That tradition continues and around this time of year we enjoy some of our favourite videos of talented Russian and Ukrainian musicians and singers. One cannot help but think of the literal stream of talented performers who continue to thrill audiences at Moscow’s House of Music. Situated along the Moscow River, this stunning venue has played hosted to not only Russia’s finest, but the most sought after performers around the world.

The scene was 2005 and Italian singer Al Bano (Albano Carrisi) traveled to Moscow for a concert billed as “Al Bano and his ladies” featuring Russia’s top female singers on stage. Some of his on-stage ladies included Fabrika, Larisa Dolina, Aziza, Anna Semenovich,Yulia Mikhalchik, and Alsou.

Alsou is the beautiful olive skinned ethnic Tatar singer from Russia’s over 1,000 year old Republic of Tatarstan. Incredibly talented she possesses a silky smooth voice and is fluent in Russian, her native Tatar (a Cyrillic based Turkish language) and English. This song, “You, Only You” is sung in Italian duringr the chorus but for the verses Bano and Alsou manage to seamlessly weave their native Russian and Italian lyrics into an unforgettable blend.