KFC comes to Kyiv (Kiev)

Perhaps it’s just that we’re hungry or maybe this is news to some of our readers: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) will add full KFC restaurants in Kyiv to their three existing KFC owned “Kryla” (Wings) cafes already in Kyiv.

(photo: Mykola Timchenko / Den' newspaper)
Kryla or “Wings” is a KFC cafe chain serving mainly wings and fried potatoes. (photo: Mykola Timchenko / Den’ newspaper)
The new KFC restaurants in Ukraine will mirror the menus of KFC outlets in Russia.
KFC Russian menu.
KFC Russian menu.
KFC Russian menu.
KFC Russian menu.

KFC is not really new to either Ukraine or Russia. A Russian chicken chain named “Rostik’s” had copied the KFC recipes and had developed quite a following in the years when places like Russia and Ukraine weren’t as friendly to foreign fast food restaurants. KFC eventually purchased Rostik’s and operated the restaurants under the KFC-Rostik’s brand. In 2011 KFC removed the Rostik’s label and renamed all 164 restaurants as simply “KFC.”


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