8 Март – 8 March, International Women’s Day

8 март, International Women’s day is the date to honour the women in your lives.  This is to Eastern European and Asian women as to Valentine’s in the West.  Even though Valentine’s day is catching on, it lags behind 8 March and today is a great day to remember those important ladies in your life with flowers and chocolates, etc.

8 march x
The general rule for local men is to honour their wife or girlfriend, mother, daughters, grandmother, aunts, close cousins, etc. Obviously you make these gifts first to wife or girlfriend, then mother and work your way down. All gifts do not need to be equal, be sensible.

8 march tulips

There are some cultural rules to observe when gifting flowers in Eastern Europe and Asia:  Give flowers in odd numbers only. Even numbers, such as a dozen, are reserved for funerals. If yellow flowers are part of a bouquet, be certain that other colours are included.  Funerals should always to in even numbers.  A gift of yellow flowers is a sign of friendship and if given to someone with whom you’ve had a romantic relationship, yellow flowers are a sign that you wish to downgrade the relationship to friendship without the romance.

We wish a special greeting to the ladies on this day!