Russian FSB listens to Skype calls

The Moscow Times is reporting that the FSB (formerly KGB) not only listens to Skype calls, but has the technology to pinpoint locations of Skype calls.  Neither is earth-shattering news but is something we may not think about readily during conversations with family and friends.

Caption: MTC (phone company): The people Speak. FSB (former KGB): We listen. (photo: The Moscow Times)
MTC (phone company): People are speaking.  FSB (former KGB): We are listening.

The original Skype was encrypted but according to Russian news agency Vedomosti, when Microsoft purchased Skype the encryption was disabled.  The news service also reported that industry experts say that Microsoft shares monitoring capability with all secret services worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Russian FSB listens to Skype calls

    1. mendeleyeev

      Unfortunately it seems this is a common problem in most countries. Microsoft, the owner of Skype, shares listening technology because it greases the skids they need for doing business in various countries.


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