Moscow Metro stations to get glass enclosed platforms

For years we’ve marveled at the open platforms of the Moscow Metro underground subway system. These are fast moving trains, arriving every 90 seconds on some routes, are a potential hazard for those not paying attention to their surroundings and so platforms with safety glass enclosures may be coming to Metro stations soon.

If you’re ever wondered what glass enclosed platforms would look like in the Moscow Metro, there is one coming your way soon.

Metro forest park platform

Beginning with станции метро Лесопарковая (Metro Station Forest Park), passenger platforms will be enclosed with glass walls 2.3 meters in height with sliding doors opening in sync with the car doors for passenger safety. Elevators will be an added feature to the standard escalators used to move passengers between levels.

Metro forest park

The station will be located in the south of Moscow built at the intersection of Ring Road and the exit of Butovo. Local residents protested against the construction as the line will run through Bitsa Park.

metro forest park plan b