Moscow Metro safety

According to the Metro management around 150 persons die annually by falling onto the tracks. Granted, a certain number of these are suicides but most seem to be accidents and with unprotected platforms, it is easy to make a misstep or in a crowd in rush hour be pushed to the edge of a platform.

Platform at "China Town" Metro station, Moscow.
Platform at “China Town” Metro station, Moscow.

In an effort to reduce accidents the Metro has released a helpful guide on what to do should you fall from the platform onto the tracks. This safety card contains several great tips on what to do to avoid injury or death and will be available around English speaking tour guide kiosks.

Metro safety card

As we reported to you recently, new stations will be built with glass enclosures on the platforms with automatic doors that will open only when the train is stopped for entry/exit. It will take some time however to refit 183+ existing stations with the glass safety enclosures.

The new station "Forest Park" will be the first with glass enclosures on platforms.
The new station “Forest Park” will be the first with glass enclosures on platforms.