Happy anniversary to our readers! поздравляю!

The idea for the Mendeleyev Journal was hatched in 2007 and five years ago to this date in 2008 the Mendeleyev Journal appeared on the Russian blog scene. Happy Anniversary!

Most importantly, thank you dear reader for the part you play in making the MJ what it has been able to do by our feeble efforts and what it will accomplish in the years ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In those early days we were thrilled to have a hundred readers in a month. Then we got used to greeting a hundred per week. In January of last year we told readers that our goal was 300,000 annual readers by the end of 2012. Well we hit that number by August of 2012 and this year we’ll pass a half-million long before this coming August 2013. Our initial goal was to be at a million readers by 2015 and at this rate we’ll make it; by God’s grace perhaps with room to spare.

Again, thank you.

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