Court orders baby returned to Russian family in California!

Last week the California Child Protective Service, in true KGB style swept unannounced into the home of a young Russian couple to steal their baby. Why? Because the couple simply wanted a second opinion before a procedure was done on their sick infant.

When doctors told Anna and Alex Nikolaev they couldn’t leave a local Sacramento area hospital until agreeing to the procedure, the couple asked for a second opinion. According to reports the medical staff began yelling at the young couple who then gathered up their baby and drove to another hospital for a second opinion.


A day later CPS arrived with police at their home, searched the house, restrained the young father and took the baby into “protective custody.”  Never mind that other doctors attested to the well treatment of the child, a supervising police officer at the second hospital had assured the couple that all was okay, and CPS waited until a day later to make their raid of terror.

On Monday a California judge ordered CPS to return the child to the parents. With all the fuss about treatment of Russian orphans in the USA, this case made headlines over the weekend in Russia. The hearing was attended by Vice Consul Igor Shaktar-ool, of the Russian Federation Consulate in San Francisco as the case had attracted the attention of the highest levels of the Russian government.

Frankly, CPS refused to take into consideration other doctor’s written statements that the baby was safe with his parents. CPS also failed to conduct an interview and inspection of the family and baby, instead relying solely on the first doctor’s recommendation.

CPS should be punished. This kind of big brother overreach should be dealt with firmly and swiftly by the court system. We can only hope that the Nikolaev family will sue the pants off the already financially beleaguered People’s Republic of California and insist that those who signed the original orders be fired.