Margaret Thatcher’s legacy via a granddaughter

Recently the former British Prime Minister known around the world as the “Iron Lady” was laid to rest at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Who knew that Margaret Thatcher had left instructions for one of her favourite persons in the world to read a Scripture at her funeral? The granddaughter and Mrs. Thatcher have been described as very close and young Amanda Thatcher’s reading from Ephesians at the funeral was flawless in so many ways.

Of course the British press was waiting to pounce and they did. First, was the passage itself which called on believers to “put on the whole armour of God.” To hear some of the media accounts it amounted to warmongering, a frequent charge from the clueless. Even in death the Iron Lady was at war, cried out several British tabloids.

Ready for the second? Mrs. Thatcher’s granddaughter is from Texas. A conservative southern American. Horrors! Worse yet according to the detractors, the young woman is a committed Christian.

Third, the granddaughter is pretty. Not just attractive, but very pretty and as they say, “easy on the eyes.”  To the British press the combination of the Scripture passage chosen, that the Thatcher grandchild is a Texan, and a very lovely young Texan who is conservative and Christian is too much to bear.

Gotta love it. Thank you, Mrs. Thatcher for your time of service to our world and for imparting your courage and determination to those who will follow in your footsteps.