Update on Russian baby Sammy in Commie Kalifornia

In a case that continues to be monitored very closely by the Kremlin, new evidence of CPS wrongdoing has surfaced and baby Sammy has undergone surgery since we last reported on this case of police state overreach in the People’s Democratic Republic of Kalifornication.

Baby Sammy after surgery.
Baby Sammy after surgery.

CPS has come under great scrutiny by the California state legislature recently. The State Assembly asked CPS to supply their records on the case and at first CPS refused, saying they didn’t need to release records to state legislators. Well, apparently they do, and now it appears that CPS lied. In their possession was a doctor’s handwritten note from the physician rendering the second opinion that Sammy was in good hands and safe with his parents.

It turns out that the police officer dispatched by CPS to see if the parents had indeed obtained a second opinion had not only spoken to the parents and the doctor but had received a hand written note detailing the doctor’s belief that the child was safe. That note was turned over to CPS promptly.

We believe this to be a case of kidnapping and should be punished to the full extent of federal law. In some cases kidnapping is subject to the death penalty or life in prison should a legitimate federal or state court render such a sentence to put a stop to overzealous state officials, but we all know that won’t happen.

The State Assembly is looking into the following:

– Why did CPS lie about their supposed need to remove the child when there was clear evidence by medical professionals to the contrary?

– It is now apparent from the first hospital records that the staff refused to discharge the child at the parent’s request. That should end the discussion that the parents should have waited for the paperwork.

– On the grounds that the family’s constitutional rights may have been infringed, the State Assembly is investigating what recourse exists for innocent parents whose rights have been violated by CPS.

– A motion for a full audit of CPS records has been introduced into the state Assembly.

Frankly, we hope this family sues the already bankrupt state so unmercifully that Kalifornia officials will have to live and govern out of cardboard tent cities for the next 30 years. Few things drive up to anger like child endangerment and CPS appears to be guilty to the max.