Moscow Metro: mishaps both real and imagined

Normally on a Metro train, you hear this: Осторожно, двери закрываются!

It is comforting sound to know that passengers are warned, “Caution, the doors are closing.” As everyone knows, there is a fail safe feature that the wagons cannot move if the doors are open, right? Right? That is the theory at least but as these passengers in Saint Petersburg discovered, maybe that fail safe isn’t so safe after all!

But that sort of mistake can only happen on the Metro, right? It would never happen on a regular train, surely.

Open doors while dangerous would be nothing if there was a large malfunction on the Metro. Released earlier this year, the film “Metro” depicts a scenario in which construction on streets above the Metro causes a leak that allows the river that runs above parts of the Metro system to plunge into the Metro system.

As you can imagine the movie has been a box office hit in Russia as the Moscow Metro carries over two Billion passengers annually, second busiest in the world only to the Tokyo Metro system. Russians worry that such could happen and it already did on a smaller scale in 2006.

Enjoy the full length movie: