Kissing: Russian style

There is an American expression of “when the cat is away the mice will play” so as our fearless Mendeleyev Journal leader is traveling in Africa for a few days and we have decided to play. Today is the Russian holiday of kissing so don’t be bashful, grab someone nearby and kiss!

kisses a

Take it as far as you wish but also take responsibility for your actions.

Are you old enough to remember the 30th anniversary of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik — East Germany? Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev was there as the honoured guest and while it was common to greet each other with a brush kiss across the lips, apparently the two were excited about the East German anniversary.

brezhnev honiker b

In retrospect perhaps the two old geezers were a little overboard in their 30th anniversary excitement and so our apologies to those who just lost their appetite for kissing.


(3 Mendeleyev Journal mice: Viktor, Louisa and Kseniya holding down the mousetrap for the big cheese.)