Snowden accepts Russia’s asylum offer

At this point the only remaining question is whether he will accept the marriage offer from Russia’s sexiest spy, Anna Chapman.

Snowden accepts

It also means that news anchors in the West can stop mispronouncing the name of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport where Mr. Snowden has been camping out for the past few weeks. Snowden had been unable to fly to asylum elsewhere because of heavy-handed US pressure.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did insist that Russia’s asylum offer was made on the condition that Snowden stop releasing documents harmful to the US. While accepting Russia’s offer, Snowden curiously he also accepted offers from several Latin American countries.

Mendeleyev Journal prediction: Snowden has stopped releasing documents for now but the moment he can fly to Latin America he will do so and then continue, although breaking free of Moscow may take awhile.

The USA claims that Snowden’s documents releases have harmed American national security. Bull hockey. The only security harmed has been President Obama’s job security and under the circumstances, deservedly so.