Two antique car rallies in Moscow

The next two weekends will mark consecutive antique car rallies in the city of Moscow. This coming weekends rally will feature not only antique cars but all sort of antiques including household appliances from the Soviet era at Moscow’s Sokolniki Park.

For three days festival guests will enjoy a collection of vintage cars, including a chic Plymouth Belvedere, a rare models of Chrysler, Cadillac, Ford, minibus Barkas, and many other unique exhibits. Park visitors will be able to buy nice vintage trinkets (from lapel pins to household appliances) and souvenirs at the fair in the modern pavilion.

Admission is free bring the family. The three days of retro fun begins this Friday, 20 July at 18:00 hours at Sokolniki Park and continues all day Saturday and Sunday.

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Night Moscow rally d

Ночная Москва (Night Moscow) car rally is the following weekend, on 27 July for this year’s annual antique car rally known as “Night Moscow.” This is the 10th anniversary of the rally which began in 2004 and is hosted each year by the Ukrainia (Radisson) Hotel along the Moscow River.

Night Moscow rally logo

The rally ‘Night Moscow ” this year begins on 27 July as a night rally at 21:00 hours with the route taking the cars through the centre of Moscow. , which this year was dedicated to the anniversaries of the capital. Start the tradition was given at the hotel “Ukraine”. Last year the famous high-rise hotel celebrated its 55th anniversary.

Night Moscow rally Ukrainia

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Contact: Vasily Stanslav Solovev at telephone 8-985-222-5701, email:

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Plenty of prizes are awarded to contestants and car owners so make plans to participate if you have an antique automobile.

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