Russian summer chicken salad

This is a delicious summertime chicken salad featuring simple but hearty ingredients like beans and cheese.

chicken salad

– Boiled chicken fillet – 300g
– Kidney beans (boiled or canned) – 200g
– Cheese (hard) – 150g
– Corn (canned) – 400g
– Pickles – 3-4 pieces.
– Black bread – 3 slices
– Garlic – 1 clove
– Salt, mayonnaise, a bunch of parsley


– Peal and grate the garlic. Cut slices of bread into cubes but not until they’ve been rubbed with garlic and salt.

– Place the bread into an non-oiled pan to lightly brown.

– Cut the chicken into small pieces.

– Cut the cucumbers into cubes then drain the corn before putting into a mixing bowl.

– Cut the cheese into strips or cubes.

– Rinse and then finely chop the parsley.

– In a salad bowl mix the chicken, beans, cheese, corn, pickled cucumbers, parsley and garlic bread.

– Add mayonnaise and stir.