New criminal charges for Navalny?

Depending on which poll you believe, Navalny has somewhere from eight to ten percent of the vote for the mayoral election on 8 September.

However his campaign polling unit, and he as been blessed with support from some of Russia’s brightest and best young technology genusis, indicates that the race is closer than expected which is perhaps why the Kremlin is investigating whether he has taken donations from foreign sources, a crime.

We fully expect the government to charge him with a new criminal case as soon as the election is concluded, and in fact that may be why he was allowed to run, even after his bogus conviction on charges of stealing timber. The trend is to put away serious challengers to the status quo and to continue a stream of criminal charges to keep opposition figures in prison until after the end of Putin’s reign.

This gal will probably tempt some of those middle age male voters to stop and learn more about Navalny’s message.

Navalny campaign red