G20 Summit this week

The biggest news, or perhaps it isn’t big news after all, is that there are no private meetings scheduled for President Putin and his American counterpart, Mr. Obama. The two are not exactly on speaking terms at the moment after Mr. Obama publicly characterized the Russian leader as a slouch…looking like that bored schoolboy in the back of the classroom, when asked at an American news conference about the awkward body language between the two leaders. The Obama comments infuriated the Russian president.

Hermitage/Winter Palace. (photo: Svetlana Korobova)
Hermitage/Winter Palace. (photo: Svetlana Korobova)

For readers who will be in Saint Petersburg this week, give yourself a lot of extra time for moving about the city as security will be high for the G20 Summit for which President Putin will be the presiding host. Anytime you take 20 of the world’s top leaders, plus their invited guests from developing countries, and put them into a compact city there will be delays in traffic, some pedestrian areas restricted and certain sites of tourist interest may be closed or operating at reduced hours .

Mr. Putin arrived today (Monday) along with the Finance Ministers from each G20 nation for agenda meetings and the official sessions with World Leaders beginning on Thursday, 5 September.

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Cost: 150 rubles ($ 4.55 per person)
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For Russian speakers:
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2 thoughts on “G20 Summit this week

  1. Buck Sexton was on the Jeff Pangs show – a Glenn Beck radio show. He said that Obama is incompetent about the Middle East. I beg to differ.

    Bill Handel is agitating for a war we cannot easily win and is not worth the cost in blood and treasure – we are talking Nuclear War here possibly because of the Messiah.

    Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Kerry, and Biden all called Assad a reformer when Bush is President and now want to kill him now that they are in Captain Kirk’s chair.

    McCain is comparing Allah Akbar to Thank God. . . .

    maybe America deserves to get blown up


    1. mendeleyeev

      I didn’t know that McCain says that Allah Akbar is the same as Thank God. Wow, he needs to retire ASAP.


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