11 September, the beheading of John the Baptist

With John McCain’s Islamic pals butchering Christians in the Middle East, today is a special day of hope for those Christians who are facing death because of persecution. Ancient churches in the old world that have existed since the Apostles mark today, 11 September in the Gregorian calendar, as the day that John the Apostle and Saint, the forerunner and baptizer, was beheaded.

John Baptist beheaded
John the Baptist was the son of the priest Zacharias (of Aaron) and St. Elizabeth (of King David). His parents lived near Hebron in the hill country south of Jerusalem. He was the maternal cousin of the Lord Jesus Christ and was born six months before the Lord.

Herod’s daughter Salome had danced so well that the King granted any wish she desired and she wanted John’s head on a platter. Some of our brothers and sisters will follow John as holy martyrs today. Pray that God will give courage and grace to those beloved members of our spiritual family. May Christ our God gather these martyrs close to his side and may their deaths bring honour to His name.